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Damascus Recreational Park sits on 284 acres and has multiple outdoor athletic fields and courts for general recreation opportunities.

Tishreen Park is one of the largest and popular parks in Damascus. It is home to the yearly-held Damascus Flower Show.

Mount Qasioun is a mountain overlooking the city of Damascus, Syria. It has a range of restaurants, from which the whole city can be viewed. As the city has expanded over the years, some districts have been established on the foot of the mountain.

Palmyra Archaeological Site– Palmyra is 215 km (134 mi) northeast of the Syrian capital, Damascus, in an oasis surrounded by palms (of which twenty varieties have been reported)

Damascus Environmental Park, a link between fragrance of the past and perfumed bouquets of the present.

Barada River is the main river crossing the city of Damascus and watering its ancient Orchids. The river flows out of Barada Lake, which is situated in the Zabadani valley 30km North West of Damascus, and is propped up by Al-Fijeh Water Spring as it enters Damascus.